About Reveena

When I was thirteen, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease for which Western medicine has no cure. The doctors put me on a strict fiber-free diet and intense steroids to relieve the swelling in my intestines. After six months of this treatment, the doctors left me on anti-inflammatory medication. I could resume eating whatever I wanted, provided I continued to take between ten and fifteen pills daily.

A few years later, my father, who also suffers stomach problems, heard of Marjorie Silcoff, a woman who practises Chinese acupressure. She informed me that I could cure my Crohn’s by eliminating dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and cold foods from my diet, and coming for acupressure every few months. As someone who was becoming increasingly interested in food, I was not open to the idea. I didn’t want more dietary restrictions than I already had with my vegetarianism.

For four years, I occasionally visited Marjorie when I was having a flare up. However, in February 2014, I reached a point where my ribs and hips couldn’t be touched without agony. I was always cold, and the pain in my stomach became unbearable. My gastroenterologist told me my blood tests came back normal, and they could do nothing for me. I finally looked to Marjorie’s proposed diet.

It worked. For two months, I went completely gluten, dairy, sugar, chocolate, alcohol, and coffee free, and I felt better and more energized than I had in years. I slowly stopped taking my medication, and haven’t needed an anti-inflammatory pill since the end of April 2014. I have since reintroduced gluten, sugar, chocolate, and coffee, into my diet by treating them as indulgences, not staples.

What I have learned over the years is that it’s not difficult to eat according to your dietary needs once you make eating for your system a priority. Crohn’s, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, or allergies should not prevent you from enjoying the food you eat. Contrary to popular belief, these are not more expensive lifestyles either.

Reveena’sKitchen is my way of sharing my favorite recipes with everyone out there who has dietary restrictions or who wants to try out new ways of eating, such as vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free if only for a meal or two a week.

At the end of the day, the food you put into your body will manifest itself in the way you feel. You have every right to love the skin you call your own and every right and responsibility to treat it nicely. I hope that you get deep pleasure from the food you eat. Be it a healthy meal or a special treat, you should enjoy it immensely.


If you live in Montreal and are interested in seeing Marjorie for a treatment, you can contact her by e-mail at marjoriesilcoff@hotmail.com. She treats everything from the common cold to gastrointestinal diseases to anxiety. She’s basically wonderful.


16 thoughts on “About Reveena

  1. Reveena,

    The girls and I love your recipes! After reading your story, it impresses me that you are giving a great gift to humanity–teaching people to enjoy eating healthy, delicious and beautiful food. As a healer myself I will direct folks to the healthful recipes that you prepare. Your attitude about simple indulgence like the maple syrup taffy is refreshing.

    The girls want to know what you are studying in school? Are you studying to open a restaurant? Writing cookbook? I don’t know if you remember playing with Yu Yao when she was just a baby? She remembers you and says hi!

    Keep up the inspirations, and thank you for sharing your story.


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    1. Hi Tarasa, of course I remember playing with Yu Yao! We used to have so much fun together, and I remember how beautiful your garden always was. Thank-you so so much for the positive comments, that means so much to me. What’s your practise as a healer? What are you and Yu Yao up to? I believe you have another daughter as well…

      I’m not in school currently, I’m about to leave for Jasper, Alberta to spend the summer as the food and beverage supervisor at a restaurant above tree line, and when I get home in the fall, it’s off to pastry school! My goal as of now is not to open a restaurant, but who know what the future will hold.

      Hi to all ❤



  2. Hello Reveena, I will bring you way back now by telling you who I am but first I wish to say how proud I am to be able to witness your incredible talent and growth over these many years . I remember that you were always into performing from a very young age .I have followed your life from the bits that your parents have passed on every time we would meet in and around the city. I recently sat and watched an episode of Reveena’s Kitchen and can’t tell you enough how wonderful you are . Your presence is so professional and pleasant to observe. You are a natural. I worked in theatre for yours and would have loved to have worked with you on a production, you are the complete real deal. Sad that we never had that chance .I have since retired from Theatre. I think you have a bright future with Reveena’s Kitchen and I hope some producers out there will see your incredible talents and snatch you up for a TV show . for my part I will attempt to cook up one or two your delicious recipes. Now who am I ? You will remember me , I hope , as Johnny from the Daycare .
    I read that you have great plans for your summer and I no doubts that you will be loved there and appreciated and valued for all your amazing talents and knowledge . Best of luck and I hope we can meet up one day so I can give you a great big hug. You used to love my hugs and I the same. Your old teacher ,family friend and now fan, John Laforte


    1. Hi John!
      I absolutely remember you, and my mom talks about you with such joy and love. Your comment is so so sweet and it means the world to me. I would have loved to work with you in theatre.

      I hope we meet up again soon, I’d love a massive hug and to hear what you’re up to now.



  3. Reveena, do you remember the program Our Jewish Home. That is where and when I was first charmed by your effervescent personality and your open smile. Your presentation and delicious recipes are a joy to watch and taste. I hope you have great success and fulfillment in your chosen profession. I look forward to following you in all your endeavors.

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  4. Hi, Reveena-far-away!
    Now that summer has arrived (well, almost) I am preparing the Quinoa salad now for the 6th time, bringing it to various functions, and am getting the best taste responses!!!
    Every time I am tasting it, fresh and pretty to look at, I can’t stop tasting…
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion!!
    Keep well in the hills.. 🙂
    XXOO Vicky


  5. You’re awesome!! Love your technique and recipes — I have had to go through a very similar dietary process of elimination to get my gut to where it worked somewhat “normally”, and it’s been heavenly to reintroduce a little bit of fruit and sugar….still eating gluten-free with chocolate and wine as indulgences, you know. 🙂 Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing, and thanks again for the inspiring site.

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    1. Thank-you so much for your comment! Isn’t it incredible how good you can feel when you know how to eat for your system? I’ve found that I can now eat small amounts of gluten and dairy (while still treating chocolate, sugar, and wine as indulgences) because I now know how to “restore balance” if I start not feeling so well. It’s awesome.

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  6. Great to meet you today – your site and videos deserve a much wider audience, and you have real talent in presenting them.
    I’m not ready to forsake my steak and fish just yet, but I’m already planning tomorrow night’s dinner based on your recipes.

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