Welcome to My Kitchen

Private Vegan/Vegetarian Lessons

When making your Calendly reservation, please leave me a note with information on the type of cooking class you’d like. Something on my site or Instagram? Using up ingredients in your fridge? Comforting family meals? Tell me what you’d like to learn to make that’s vegan or vegetarian and I will customize a class for you based on your message. 

  • I’ll reply with a suggested menu and a Stripe invoice attached.
  • Once you confirm the menu and secure the booking by completing the payment of $75Cad,
  • I’ll then send you the recipes so that you can get any necessary ingredients, as well as the link for our hour and a half lesson.
  • You can also buy a gift card, lessons with a friend or family member, or book an event for a virtual gathering! This makes for a fantastic and memorable holiday present. Each additional screen is an extra $10 in addition to the $75Cad base fee. I look forward to seeing you then!

If you’d like to treat someone with a gift card for my lessons, please contact me at reveenaskitchen@gmail.com. In order to present your loved one with a lesson, let me know the name(s) of the person(people) receiving the gift certificate, who you’d like it to be from and the amount of screens (aka households) that will be attending the lesson. I’ll send you the gift certificate and, once you confirm it’s correct, I’ll then send the invoice. The invoice is not automatically generated when you book a lesson, I create each invoice manually on a secure website called Stripe which emails the person who’s told me they’re paying, and allows them to input their credit/debit card information. Then you can present the gift certificate to your loved ones.

The gift certificate is hyperlinked to both my website and to my booking page so the reciever can look at the menu ideas written up here on my website. They can choose a time on my booking page that works for the family, and leave me a note with the type of menu/food/event they’d like to learn during our class. My availabilities are automatically converted to your time zone. When you book and enter the email addresses of everyone attending the lessons, they will receive a notification for the Reveena’s Kitchen cooking class. I will then create a suggested menu and run it by the family. Once they’ve confirmed that it’s a go, I’ll send out the recipes and grocery list and the Zoom link for our class. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a lesson, simply follow the instructions listed above, booking your time slot and telling me the type of foods you’d like to learn to cook!

Cooking Lesson Ideas
  • Easily family dinners (menus that are easily customizable for individual member’s preferences) like rice noodles bowl with crispy tofu, quick pickles, fresh herbs, and seasoned vegetables, or burritos/tacos with speedy beans, perfect rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, sautéed veg, etc.
  • Virtual celebration with friends/family (holiday brunch, tea party, cocktail party, birthday…)
  • Middle Eastern feast (2 hours) – fresh pita, fried falafel, hummus, Israeli salad
  • Healthy weekly meal prep (banana oat pancakes, black bean and quinoa salad, tofu stir fry)
  • Indulgent vegan dinners with a healthy twist (shepard’s pie, spanakopita, mac & cheese, pan fried Chinese buns)
  • Mastering vegetarian proteins (tacos/nachos with creamy black beans, crispy garlic ginger tofu, mushroom dill oven frittata)
  • Korean menu (jap chae, smashed cucumber salad, doenjang jjigae or bibimbap and banchan)
  • Vegan sushi & tempura (2 hours)
  • …And so much more! Book your lesson, leave me a note with your culinary preferences, and I’ll create your perfect class.
  • If you’d like a two hour class leave me a note and I’ll create your invoice for $90Cad.
Vegan/Vegetarian Catering

If you’re looking for a unique vegetarian catering experience in the Greater Montreal Area, I’d love to work with you. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs and come up with a menu based on personal preference and/or dietary restrictions. Contact me at reveenaskitchen@gmail.com for more information.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to My Kitchen

  1. The virtual cooking session with Reveena’s Kitchen was a game changer for us and such a fun activity for an evening at home in the midst of the Pandemic! Reveena sent us a list of the ingredients we needed, the clearly written recipes, and the prep we needed to do before our scheduled cooking session.

    We opted for pita, falafel, humus and an Isreali salad for our menu and will NEVER eat store bought pita, falafel or hummus again. Because we wanted to make so many recipes, we did a two hour class, and the time flew by as we cooked through her recipes.

    Reveena’s instructions are clear. She is patient, fun and calm, as we moved from the cutting board to the stove, following her lead. Even though my husband and I are experienced cooks, we learned so much from her; how to safely deep fry, how to shape dough and cook it properly in our dutch oven… etc. We loved our virtual cooking class with Reveena, it’s great value, and a really fun activity for singles, couples, families and friends!

    What a treat it was! Thank-you, Reveena!
    – A & C

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  2. Our lesson is coming up on Friday and we are very excited and looking forward to a learning and fun experience.

    Update: OMG what a fun lesson! Reveena was able to engage and direct both my husband and I and we are 83 and 97 years young. We made garlic ginger tofu which I couldn’t stop eating, crispy stove top potatoes just like I had in my childhood, oven frittata (which I’ll be making again and again) and Isreali salad. I bought three gift certificates for friends because I want to pass the joy of Reveena’s classes onto my friends.

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  3. What fun! What a treat! What a feast! We received the recipes in advance, gathered the ingredients, and it was ready, steady, cook! We chose Korean cuisine and were totally wowed by the experience. This is an incredibly special treat for the foodies in your lives. As it was done over Zoom, you can be anywhere in the world and it can be multi participant too! Can’t wait to do it with family and friends 😋
    * We are very adventurous and accomplished cooks and Reveena was able to help us find a cuisine that we are less familiar with. She is multi-talented and able to help us choose the perfect menu. We have a few more options in mind for our next few sessions. Can’t wait!

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  4. Reveena did an awesome job undertaking a Tea Party Lesson with our granddaughter. It was Zoey’s birthday and the menu was just perfect as were the instructions and the enthusiasm and kindness shown by Reveena! Chef Reveena is a born teacher and so flexible in designing the perfect class. Zoey even prepared the main course from the lesson for her family the following night.
    We just purchased two more classes for Zoey and one class will be a birthday dinner, cake included, for her younger brother! What fun we will have.

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  5. I loved my cooking class with Reveena! We made a veritable feast, and every element was delicious. I know that I will make these dishes many times again in the future. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and a ton of fun! A great gift for a loved one (or yourself!)

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  6. The cool lady known as Chef Rev, or Reveena Divina managed to entertained us with such a panache.
    It was not easy, we were a large and noisy gang celebrating a birthday party.
    The menus she proposed, her execution, the patience she demonstrated – all impeccable.
    To be repeated for sure.

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  7. Hi Reveena,

    We enjoyed a lot your class (Nora’s birthday party) and the saladas were fantastic!
    We made them again a couple of times (specially the one with oranges) yummy!!

    Thank you for being such a great teacher and for the fun!

    Susana & Daniel

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