Popcorn School Snacks


A simple and delicious snack everyone should know how to make, since it satisfies your movie or mid afternoon munchies cravings. It can also flavoured in a myriad of different ways. Finding your favorite combination (be it sweet, salty, spicy, or sour) is deeply satisfying.

  • 1-4 tbsp Vegetable oil 
  • Popcorn kernels

Put a pan over medium heat. Depending on the size of the pan, you’ll need a different amount of oil in the pan (1 for a small pot, 2 for a medium pot, and 3-4 for larger ones).

Cover the bottom of the pan with the kernels, making sure not to do a double layer. You want every kernel to be in contact with the bottom of the pan. Cover again.

Put oven mitts on, and when the popcorn starts to pop, reduce the heat to low. Shake every few seconds (holding the lid down with your thumbs, as your other fingers hold the pot handle) to prevent the popcorn from burning. When it stops, your popcorn is done.

Transfer to a container/bowl and season to your heart’s desire. Follow the link above to my YouTube video for suggestions on how to season the popcorn.


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