How to : Vegan Picnic


I adore picnics, and this is my way of showing that vegans can also throw together a fabulous picnic with very little effort/ Here’s a list of my favorite things to take that hold up well in transportation. Don’t forget a container for garbage/compost! Also be sure to slip, slap, and slurp…. slip on a hat, slap on some sunscreen, and slurp up lots of water.

  • Great fresh rolls, a baguette, or really good crackers
  • Veggie Pate (yum yum yum) – I adore veggie pate, it’s especially delicious in a sandwich with mustard, avocado, crunchy lettuce, and juicy tomatoes. It’s also great with just hummus and lettuce
  • Hummus – there are many ways to take plain hummus and jazz it up. I would suggest you start with a generous drizzle of good oil, and then choose a toasted nut or seed (sesame seeds, pine nuts, pistachios), some grated citrus zest (lemon or orange), and a dried spice (za’atar, cumin, paprika).
  • Veggies – I like to bring vegetable that hold up well to heat
    • romaine lettuce is great if you’re going to be building sandwiches
    • cherry tomatoes
    • cucumber & peppers (easy to cut with a penknife)
    • olives (technically a fruit, these are delicious and a fun salty nibbly to snack on)
  • Cookies (they transport very very well) – gingerbread cookies or triple chocolate cookies
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Blueberries (strawberries and raspberries can get leaky if you don’t eat them fast enough)
  • Tangeries/oranges cut into wedges (do this before you leave the house and pack in a container)
  • I don’t think you need snacks with all this lovely food, but if you wanted to bring nibbles, I have awesome recipes for kale chips, popcorn, and nuts with really funky flavourings. However, store bought alternatives are also awesome (more expensive, but that’s alright).
  • Water water water water – stay hydrated – you can freeze the entire bottle (though I’ve read that this should not be done with a plastic bottle) and then it will slowly defrost on the way to your picnic
  • Frozen drink concentrate (pink lemonade is my fav) – place into a large mason with the appropriate amount of water (make sure to either bring cups or have smaller jars for drinking purposes
  • cubes – freeze water/juice/lemonaid with bits of fruits
  • Frozen raspberries, mango, peaches, pineapple, grapes – so delicious and great at keeping drinks frosty

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