How To: Steamed Veggies


Steaming vegetables has a sad stereotype for making vegetables mushy and flavourless, but that’s not true if you follow my easy tips for tender delicious veg. You want to use vegetables which are on the hard side: brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, chopped cabbage, cubbed squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, green beans, etc.

Depending on the vegetable, your cooking length will change. For quick cooking veg (anything other than regular potatoes and squash), I start with around 4 minutes in the microwave if the basket is full, or 3 minutes if the basket is half full. On the stove, start with 7 minutes if full, or 5 minutes is half full. The best thing about cooking veggies is that if you check them at 4 minutes and if they’re not done, just keep them cooking for another 2 minutes then test again. Keep in mind that if your veg are to your liking and you take them off the heat but leave the lid on, they will continue to soften.

Season your veggies as soon as they’re done cooking with good salt (kosher salt, pink Himalayan salt, or coarse sea salt), freshly ground pepper, and if you’d like, a drizzle of olive oil (extra virgin is best in this case), and a splash of good vinegar (I love balsamic or white wine vinegar) or a squeeze of lemon juice. Because you’re trying to make the veggies as taste as good as possible with the smallest amount of effort, you really notice the quality of the other ingredients. Of course you can use regular table salt, pre-ground black pepper, and regular olive oil, but it won’t be quite as delish.

After I steamed and flavoured the veggies the way I did in this episode, my dad came into the kitchen and said oh, you sautéed these they’re so delicious. Trust me though, these are awesome. They’re perfect as a side dish, a movie snack, or eaten cold the next day at work or school.


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